Partner Dance Club Online

Partner Dance Club Online is the leading virtual institute where any form of social couples-dance can be learned. Obtaining knowledge online, in the comfort and privacy of your own home or venue of your choice when it suits you, is now the most prestigious way of becoming educated and/or skilled. Partner Dance Club has made it possible to obtain this life-skill virtually too and in a way the couple feels as though attending class.

Our dance instructors are Internationally qualified with over 34 years experience in social couples-dance instruction. At Partner Dance Club Online we teach all the dances listed below and strongly endorse, as well as specialize in local South African heritage dances like Sokkie, Two-Step and “Boerewals”.

Learning to dance is a long walk, however members of our dance-club who participate in all their online lessons and practice all new steps and elements diligently, learn very quickly. Social couples-dance is a life-skill, with countless advantages, a person will be able to use for the rest of your life.

We teach the following dances:


Casual Ball

Latin American

Theatre Arts

Rock 'n Roll

Casual Spot

Group Dances


Casual Dances

Partner Dance Online is a membership based platform where we offer dance lessons in the form of Videos. Memberships are based on 3 months periods, during which time the member will create Login details and make the required payment. Once logged in the member will have access to all the learning materials associated with that specific membership level. To see the different membership levels, please follow this link: Membership Levels

To choose which course is most suitable for you, go to Courses page, click of the Course name or image, then go to Curriculum. See which Membership Level is required for that Course and then enroll for it by clicking on the “GET IT NOW” button. Make the payment and enjoy the lessons.


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